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Daniel Ballori, Chairman

dballoriDaniel Ballori served as a Strategic Policy and Administrative Advisor to Governor Luis Fortuño of Puerto Rico after taking office in 2009. Mr. Ballori also worked under Governor Fortuño during his prior four years as the sole Congressional Representative of the four million United States citizens residing in Puerto Rico, serving as his Legislative Correspondent and Washington, D.C. Communications Officer. Working under Governor Fortuño has instilled in Daniel a deep sense of public service. It has also helped him recognize the need for his individual development, both in his studies and in his professional career, so that he can better help his community and his country.

During his time in Congress, Mr. Ballori worked in both the Congressman’s legislative and press teams.  He was responsible for coordinating press interviews and conferences, as well as the drafting of media releases and speeches. Daniel was also responsible for writing and revising public policy within the legislative division attending congressional briefings and briefing the Congressman on all legislative issues, both national and local, of interest to Puerto Rico.

Mr. Ballori has spent seven years alongside Mr. Fortuño, both on a professional staff level as well as volunteering during his spare time on his boss’ political endeavors, both on the mainland and on the island. During the 2006 primary cycle Daniel volunteered on various Congressional elections. In 2008 he became the youngest PR State Delegate Director of a Presidential Campaign, under then Republican Candidate Governor Mike Huckabee. From there, Daniel went on to serve as the youngest Hispanic Delegate to the 2008 Republican National Convention in Minneapolis, and as an advocate for the Hispanic community for Senator and Presidential nominee John McCain. While at the Convention, he appeared on various national newscasts, including "CNN en Españo."  He also spent his private time as Campaign Director for 2008 Puerto Rico Senatorial Candidate Henry Neumann.

Throughout his life Daniel has had a special place in his heart for public service, serving on various boards, including The Children Foundation. Founded by the Ballori family in 1995, The Children Foundation is a non-profit organization which pursues the betterment of special education across the Island of Puerto Rico. On October 9th 2010 in one of the Island's largest electoral turn outs for Young Republican Federation of Puerto Rico, Mr Ballori was elected as Chairman of the YRFPR with an electoral win of 77% of the popular vote.

Daniel Ballori is the youngest of three children. He graduated from Hofstra University in New York, where he obtained a BA degree in Psychology. Currently Daniel is in the process of obtaining a Masters in Public Administration from the City University of New York, Baruch College.